Data Lovers, Strategy Makers

"Data will talk if you are willing to listen"


Get better results and make the difference between your competitors with our services.

Data Analysis

Decision-making requires secure, data-backed analysis that provides powerful information.

Growth Strategies

We help you find the best strategies based on your market and become a leader in your industry.

Competitors Analysis

We take care of an in-depth analysis of your competitors and your position in the market.

Web Development & Design

We create innovative websites that will allow you to create value and grow within the market.

Predictive models

We create machine learning models for every type of industry. Using data and stadistics to predict outcomes.

Automated Processes

Creation of automated processes to improve your productivity and improve the work team flow.


Increase your sales knowing your data
Solutions tailored to you and within your reach
We make data part of your strategy

The right team

At Datagy we are constantly sought after for our highly responsive and consultative approach to identifying content, understanding patterns, finding value in business data. To create new strategies, find valuable insights in the industry and new trends in the market.

All our projects are elaborated under the DATAGY methodology:

1. Discovery
2. Preparation of Data
3. Analysis Planification
4. Run Analysis
5. Communicate Results
6. Strategy Creation
7. Implementation


Some questions you may have.

If my company is small, what can you do?

Do not worry about that, there is always information that for the eyes may be irrelevant but not for the analytical. We can also help you with the creation of new strategies, remember that data analysis is only one of our services.

Is your work confidential?

Of course, when starting a project in your company we sign a confidentiality contract so that everything found, advised and executed is specifically for your company.

How is the payment method?

Every time we start a project we divide it into phases, payments are made when we deliver each phase.

What if my company is not technology?

Every company needs to develop new strategies to always be leaders in what they do, the best way is to back up those strategies with your own data and what is around your industry to be sure that the results will be better than expected. Our clients are very diverse and we have all given them valuable information for their business.